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From The Great Escape to Benny Hill: AFL on the run in madcap bid to see out season

The shortened AFL season of 2020 could have been set to the tune of The Great Escape. Teams spent months Steve McQueening over fences in the nick of time as

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Machine learning used to successfully measure attachment in children

For the first time, researchers have used machine learning to successfully measure attachment in children—the vital human bond that humans first develop as infants to their caregivers. In new multi-disciplinary

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Australia faces first economic contraction in a year on Sydney lockdown

A drop in gross domestic product (GDP) from the previous quarter would represent the country’s first economic contraction since June 2020, when a nationwide coronavirus lockdown forced businesses to down

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Tesla breaks Q2 profit records, but part shortages will stunt growth in coming quarters

Tesla’s business is doing better than ever despite navigating a series of supply chain challenges. The company made over $1 billion in quarterly net income for the first time in

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Ikea’ spoon bought for 20p at car boot fair goes for more than £2k at auction

The incredible find was picked up at a car boot sale in London by an eagle-eyed shopper – who turned a massive profit when he sold the ‘Ikea-style’ spoon at

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