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The unusual festival is set to raise cash to help the abused and abandoned pigs at a Yorkshire sanctuary

Vegans attending a bizarre music festival this weekend will be as happy as a pig in muck – quite literally!

The Orchard Pig Gig is set to be held at a sanctuary for abused and abandoned pigs, who apparently, love rap, jazz and classical music.

The pigs from Pigs in the Woods sanctuary, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, will be free to roam around the ‘world’s first festival for pigs’, and interact with music lovers.

The vegan-friendly event aims to raise funds for the protection of abused and abandoned pigs – so quite literally, saving their bacon.

Russell Haggata, operations director and chairman at Pigs in The Wood, said: “Our pigs are one of a kind and love to socialise and dance to music.

“They can’t wait for this year’s Orchard Pig Gig. Our sanctuary wouldn’t exist without the generosity of donations, and we’re aiming to raise over £50,000 to improve the facilities for our pigs, so that everyone can experience the joy these animals can bring.”

The festival will be held in the 10-acre pig sanctuary, with a selection of vegan street food and local artists.

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Partnering with Pigs in the Woods for the event is Orchard Pig – a vegan cider brand.

Emily Gray, brand manager at Orchard Pig said: “Our mantra is to go pig or go home and what better way to do that than to host the world’s first gig for pigs – putting on an amazing show while supporting the wonderful team at Pigs in the Woods.

“Just like people, pigs deserve a home, and we believe they also deserve to party. It’s what makes this partnership so exciting; we’re helping to drive awareness and protection of these fabulous animals, but we’re also giving them the chance to get down and boogie at the same time.”

Festival-goers will be able to sample ‘crisp and refreshing’ Reveller, the ‘sweet yet dry’ Truffler, and the one and only Hogfather ciders.

The festival hopes to raise awareness and education around ‘micro pigs’, and people selling pigs as pets.

A spokesperson for the festival said: “Currently, there is no legislation that protects pigs as pets. Many are duped into buying ‘micro-pigs’ (a breed that doesn’t exist) to soon discover they are, in fact, piglets that are set to grow – and grow! This misleading con means more pigs end up in the slaughterhouse.

“The Orchard Pig Gig aims to raise funds to support the Pigs in the Woods sanctuary and, more importantly, to drive awareness around the growing number of abused and mistreated pigs that deserve a better life and a forever home.”

Tickets to the festival, running from July 31 to August 1, cost £22 , with sales supporting the pig sanctuary to fund their ongoing work and education.