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Lizzie Deignan: ‘I have to be willing to lose to the Dutch in order to win’

Five years after the contorted, controversial run-in to the Rio Olympic Games, Lizzie Deignan is happy to admit the contrast between then and now could hardly be greater. Since June

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Increasing the accuracy of early ovarian cancer detection

A test being developed in Queensland could help to reduce the high mortality rate from ovarian cancer by dramatically improving the accuracy of early detection. University of Queensland researchers said

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German economic recovery at full swing

“The supply bottlenecks for intermediate products … have a dampening effect, however they do not impair the positive underlying dynamic of the overall economy,” the ministry said in its monthly

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Microsoft is going the extra mile to make sure users don’t skirt Windows 11 hardware requirements

During a recent Ask Microsoft Anything session, the team confirmed that if a device is not fully compatible with Windows 11, it won’t even be offered the option to download

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Nan becomes published author for the first time aged 72 – after 40 rejections

Jane Allison, 72, had wanted to write a novel based on her great grandmother for years, but never quite got around to it. But after knuckling down and persevering, she’s

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