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Eilish Hodgson, 26, and her partner, Kieran, 26, have transformed the garden of their first home together after being inspired by the glamourous Love Island villa

A couple inspired by the famous Love Island villa transformed their ‘mud pit’ garden after being inspired by the reality show.

Eilish Hodgson, 26, and her partner, Kieran, 26, took on the mammoth task themselves after being quoted £10k to get the job done by a landscaper.

The enterprising couple managed to complete their garden transformation for less than half the price – with the entire project costing them just under £4k.

After designing the garden herself, Eilish says that her biggest inspiration for the transformation was the popular ITV show.

She added: “I had a look at gardens of a similar size to ours on Pinterest and Instagram.

“But my main inspiration for the was actually Love Island. I love the style of the outdoor space of the villa and all the lighting.

“It’s really modern and simple, and I think that the lighting really makes an outdoor space come to life.

“I watch it every year and I always think how amazing it looks.

“So I decided I wanted to recreate this on a smaller scale in my back garden. We are so happy with how it turned out.”

When the couple moved into their new build first home the garden looked like a ‘mud pit.’

They were desperate to renovate the outdoor space, but couldn’t stump up the £10k quoted.

Eilish, a PA, said: “Paying £10k to get someone else to do the garden was just out of the question.

“So we decided to do it ourselves and make it a DIY project.

“My step-dad is also a builder so he was a massive help to us most weekends which we were really grateful for.

“And Kieran is an electrician so he is handy and done all the electricals and lighting. We gave ourselves a budget of £4k and we stuck to that completely.

“I spent hours shopping around and looking online and further afield for the cheapest materials to make sure that we weren’t needlessly wasting money.

“Planning was key to make sure we stuck to our budget, I made a note of each and every cost to make sure we knew what we were spending.”

Eilish admits that the garden transformation was hard work and that she sometimes worries that the pair had bitten off more than they could chew.

But she says that seeing the finished product makes it all worthwhile.

Eilish added: “We had to level the whole garden, add extra drainage, build the planters, lay the artificial grass and patio.

“It was really hard work but we persevered and it was worth it.

“It is amazing to see it all come together and we are so happy that we now have the garden exactly how we wanted it.

“We have our own mini Love Island in our back garden and we love being able to enjoy it with our friends and family.

“It’s almost like an extension to our home. It’s worked out perfectly.”